The aim of this campaign is a positive one.

By June 2, 2017Flying disabled
Chris & Jordi

I want to bring new customers to the Airlines, typically Airlines have a passenger fill average of 80% globally. I would like to invite them to increase that by a few percent

I want those who simply live their life in a wheelchair to travel by air with dignity, safety for what for everyone else is generally a pleasure to their desirable destination.

I want Cabin Crew and Pilots to be alleviated of the stress of assisting someone with physical needs in a seat not designed for them, Airline crew are not carers or manual handlers. Pilots drive big hefty metal things around the sky and cabin crew bring us drinks, feed us, sell us duty free, make sure we are comfortable and of course strut up and down the aisle looking handsome, pretty, smiling and wearing some great Thunderbird style uniforms.

I want to reduce pressure on Airports. It is these people whose task it is to look (and decipher) at the various codes placed on what they call ‘Passengers with reduced Mobility’. This process will remove one of the hardest tasks they facilitate, transferring a human being from a place of comfort and empowering to effectively none of those things.

I want to see expensive wheelchairs with the owners sat in them in the cabin, one of the biggest fears of these travellers is arriving at the destination with their wheelchair broken/destroyed or even worse it has not even arrived. My research tells me thousands will not use air travel for those reasons alone, these people want to use air travel, lets remove that fear.

I want to bring together the innovators and creators from, airline groups, safety agencies, wheelchair manufactures and the those in the disabled community. Together they can create and evolve something very special, these ideas will generate many other inspirations that will open the door to other opportunities in other industries. Ideas from the enhancement of a disability issue very often go to the mainstream world – Texting (SMS), Eye Gaze, Hand and arm Gesture – to name but a few.

I want to be realistic. As yet nobody has told me this can’t be done, indeed I have been told by some very distinguished people in aviation that this can be done – it’s just no one ever has! I believe that in the next 5 to 10 years the airlines will have some additional very happy customers as passengers.

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